SpeedyPaper Review

Without a doubt, SpeedyPaper is one of the most reliable essay writing services on the market. The company hires professional writers and delivers top-notch papers at a reasonable price.

I’m very impressed with how well SpeedyPaper works when it comes to ordering academic papers. SpeedyPaper provides a simple approach to ordering papers. The company and its professional writers ensure you’ll get the best paper every time you place an order. The service does well with projects from all disciplines and grade levels.

You’ll find many things to love about Speedy Paper, from the guarantees the company offers to its appealing discounts. There are some pros and cons of the service worth noting, but I feel you will find that SpeedyPaper.com provides the support you need the most. Writing a paper can be a challenge and can require time that you might not have. But the people at Speedy Paper are more than ready to assist you in completing your work and getting it ready for all the standards you hold for the task.

1. Order Process

One of my favorite things about Speedy Paper is that the website provides a simple approach to ordering papers. You can follow a few steps that are easy to follow and ensure your writers know what you expect from your work.

  1. State the type of paper you wish to order and subject of your paper.

You can request anything from an essay to a speech to an application letter. You can also ask for one of many parts of a dissertation like a hypothesis, methodology, abstract, or proposal. The writers at Speedy Paper can support many subjects, from accounting to world literature.

  1. Specify the topic for your paper and the details you want to explain.

You can let the writer know about all the specifics you have surrounding your paper. These details ensure your writer will be on the right track.

  1. Upload any materials you want your writer to utilize.

The cloud-based upload system lets you send files that are necessary for completing the work. You can upload instructions, references, presentations, and anything else that should be in your paper.

  1. List the paper format for the project and choose the academic level.

You can select one of many formats, including APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard. Some secondary formats like the OSCOLA, IEEE, Vancouver, and McGill ones are available. The writers at SpeedyPaper.com can handle high school, undergraduate, Master, and PhD-level papers.

  1. List the number of pages, choose the deadline for when you need the paper and number of sources your require for the work.
Placing an order is simple and doesn't require much time.

The ordering process lets you create a new account from there, but you can also log in via Facebook (don't worry, it's secure).

You will be able to calculate the estimated price for your order on the second step of the order form. After that, you will be able to pay for your project with a credit card. The website also accepts Bitcoin transactions.

You can even choose the proficiency of your writer. I found that ordering the Top Writer option is best if you have a Masters or Ph.D. paper. The Pro option is also useful if you have something complex. The Best Available option is ideal for basic projects, such as short essays, book reviews, multiple choice questions and so on. The website also lets a returning customer ask for the same writer that took care of a prior project.

Speedy Paper gives you control over the order well after you complete the initial purchase. You can use the dashboard on your account to see how your project is moving. You can use the dashboard to contact your writer and to get updates as necessary.

2. Pricing

A five-page essay at an undergraduate level will cost $90 if you need it in five days. That same project will cost $75 if you need it in nine days, or $55 if required in twenty days. Meanwhile, a PhD-level five-page essay will cost $135 if you require the work in nine days.

The price of services will vary by:

  • The deadline
  • The length of your project
  • The level of writing
  • The specific task the writer will complete

You can spend an extra 25% on your paper if you wish to hire a Pro writer or 45% for a Top-level writer. It also costs 10% extra for a returning customer to employ the same writer from a prior task.

You can also hire a writer at SpeedyPaper if you have an existing paper, but you need to confirm its grammatical accuracy. You can ask a writer to edit or proofread your work for as low as $7 per page from an undergraduate level or $9 from a Master’s level.

Paraphrasing or rewriting is also available if you need help with restating existing content. It is open for as low as $10 per page for undergraduate projects or $12 for Master-level ones.

The SpeedyPaper website has a complete listing of how much it will cost for services. You can check the Prices page on the website to see what is open.

You can choose to get your order ready with whatever timeframe you wish to utilize. But it is best to get your order in advance. The timeframe is ideal for when you require edits or other things surrounding your work.

3. Discounts

As a new client, you can use the following Speedy Paper discount code to get 10% OFF on your first order: CZwVSmAU. Applying the discount is easy, just go to the order form and put it in the promo code box. SpeedyPaper is a lot more generous than other companies when it comes to discounts. The company has a regular newsletter with special bonuses and deals for regular clients.

4. Guarantees

It is sensible to suspect whether or not Speedy Paper will provide quality work for your task. I wouldn’t blame anyone who feels that way, what with the services Speedy Paper provides being so appealing. But you won’t have to worry about this, as Speedy Paper offers a guarantee on all the work it produces.

SpeedyPaper provides full and partial refunds for its services if you are not satisfied with the work. You can get a 100% refund on your order if no writer is assigned to your project, or if the writer misses the deadline for the work.

You're eligible for a 90% refund if SpeedyPaper cannot find a writer for the paper, and at least half of the deadline has passed. You will also get a 70% refund if a writer was assigned to your paper and started working on the project. The refund is not 100% because the writer will need to be compensated for whatever work was complete before the cancellation.

You may also request a revision on your paper if you are not satisfied with the final project. The Revision Policy allows you to ask for up to three free edits on your paper. You can reach the support team to ask to have your paper switched over to another writer if you are still not pleased with the project.

Speedy Paper also guarantees that your work will be unique. Speedy Paper uses multiple plagiarism checkers to confirm that everything in your paper is original. The site also guarantees that everything in your paper is properly cited and that there will be no risk of unintentional plagiarism.

5. Online Reputation

You don’t have to take my word surrounding how well Speedy Paper works. You can check around online to find other Speedy Paper reviews, and you’ll find the same thing. People are raving about how the company is proficient and helpful in producing papers.

Speedy Paper has a rating of 4.3 out of 5.0 on TrustPilot. People say that they always get their projects on time and get responses when they contact the company. Customers also say that the site regularly lets them know what’s happening with their projects.

Review of a satisfied SpeedyPaper customer on TrustPilot

SiteJabber gives Speedy Paper a 4.4 out of 5.0 rating, with people talking about how happy they are with how Speedy Paper ensures projects are completed based on the necessary instructions. Customers are raving about how the site lets people give as many details on their papers to their writers, thus ensuring their projects stay accurate.

6. Customer Support

I appreciate how SpeedyPaper provides customers with multiple ways to contact them as necessary. The website has a live chat service that is open 24 hours a day, so you can get in touch with the team in moments.

You can also ask for assistance by email or phone if necessary. The response time is quick, so you can get an answer to your questions in a few minutes after you request your help.

You can communicate with your writer during your project through your website dashboard. You can let the writer know about any updates to your work, or you can request a review of whatever the writer has produced so far. The dashboard keeps the connection intact, so you can see how well your task is working. You will feel confident in your writer’s work when you get consistent updates surrounding how your project is running.


  • Affordable Pricing

SpeedyPaper uses a transparent pricing model and offers its services at reasonable rates. With a starting price of $9 per page, SpeedyPaper is one of the most affordable essay writing services on the market.

  • Effective Customer Support

The customer support team is comprehensive and thorough in their responses. They always respond to queries in moments, even if you contact them in the middle of the night or in early morning.

  • Talented Writers

The quality of the writers on this site is the best part of what SpeedyPaper offers. You can be assured that the company provides a simple approach to work. SpeedyPaper finds its writers through LinkedIn from various specialty groups. These include well-educated people who understand the fields of work that they manage.


  • Incomplete Money Back Offers

While SpeedyPaper does offer great discounts and ensures the work is always accurate and thorough, their money-back deals aren’t always 100%. While the website does need to ensure the writers are compensated, it would be ideal if customers had an opportunity for a better refund. The point comes when you consider how much you would spend on getting your service from SpeedyPaper running.

Summing Up: Is SpeedyPaper Legit?

I find SpeedyPaper to be a great solution to consider if you need to hire someone who can assist you with your paper. The platform lets you send enough data on your order to ensure the writer knows what you want. The writers are experienced professionals in their fields and are available to assist you with everything you need. They will be open regardless of the paper format you wish to use, how much time you need to complete the task, or the citation standard necessary for work.

It isn’t easy to find something with the lowest possible price, but SpeedyPaper will be there to assist you with whatever needs you hold. SpeedyPaper will help you manage your work and ensure it fits your work needs. You’ll find that the service is more than worth the price.

Take note of SpeedyPaper if you need something for your paper writing needs. The service gives you all the help you require for your work.

Adam Simon