Best Essay Writing Services on Reddit in 2022

Reddit is very popular, and most people who use this platform visit it on a regular basis. There are hundreds of millions of Redditors from all over the world and tens of thousands of subreddits dedicated to virtually any subject from memes and news to technology, education, and business.

No matter what you’re interested in, you can find dozens of subreddits with people who like the same things and are willing to share their knowledge and experience. Given how diverse Reddit is, there’s no surprise that custom writing is often discussed on this huge platform.

Unlike mainstream social media, Reddit is a community-driven platform. Students often visit Reddit when they need answers or help, and many students go to Reddit when they need assistance with their urgent assignments.

You just have to post the topic of your essay on the right subreddit, and you will easily find people who are ready to help you. Besides, you may ask other students for feedback to understand what writing services are trustworthy.

Although you can find numerous writing services on Reddit, not all popular services are trustworthy and vice versa. The status of a popular and legit essay writing service is quite subjective. All the content on Reddit can be upvoted or downvoted by random people, and the anonymous nature of this platform makes it very easy for companies to post fake reviews.

If your reputation is bad, you can try to fix it by creating hundreds of fake accounts to manipulate the voting system. Although operating hundreds of accounts isn’t an easy task, many companies use such an approach in order to mislead their potential customers.

On the one hand, Reddit’s voting system should help students choose reliable services.

On the other hand, this system can be manipulated so it often makes choosing a reliable service even more difficult. Many unreliable services post fake reviews on Reddit and then use paid upvotes to mislead students. We recommend that you be careful and avoid subreddits where most comments and posts are made from accounts with little karma.

best essay writing service reddit
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We’ve spent a lot of time doing our research and analyzing different writing services on Reddit so that you can find reliable companies and get high-quality help with your essays.

We’ve read hundreds of essay writing service reviews and analyzed lots of information from different subreddits so that you can find the most reliable ones. After we researched the most popular writing services, we came up with a list of reliable services that have proven to be reliable and safe to use.

Best Essay Writing Service Reddit: The 5 Most Popular Sites

1. PaperHelp

This website was created in 2008 and it is still frequently discussed in subreddits dedicated to custom writing. One of the main features of this company is fast delivery. It also sticks with a personal approach and doesn’t sell plagiarized papers.

paperhelp review on reddit

This company has very strict requirements for writers and if an essay writer wants to get a job here, they need to prove their professionalism in practice. Here you can order academic papers of any kind, including all types of essays, presentations, research papers, lab reports, and even Ph.D. dissertations. This company has an affordable pricing policy, and you can also benefit from various discounts.

This was the first time I ordered a paper on the internet, and I wasn’t disappointed. My writer managed to write the paper in just six hours, everything was well-researched, with good references. I’m glad that I found this service so I’m going to order more papers here in the future.

Siena F.

2. ExpertWriting

This paper writing service combines high-quality writing with affordable prices. ExpertWriting is one of the most popular writing services on the internet so it’s often mentioned by Redditors. Many students note that this company has professional writers who can deal with different kinds of tasks. Although this service is cheap, it provides well-written papers based on proper research.

expertwriting review on reddit

This service also has a reliable privacy policy and it protects customers' personal information. This service rarely offers any discounts but it has the lowest prices so you won’t need a discount to afford these papers. Price-wise, ExpertWriting is the best paper writing service Reddit has to offer.

My paper wasn’t perfect and I quickly realized that I need to change a lot. However, this service also offers a free revision so I just asked my writer to rewrite some paragraphs. The paper turned out to be great, and my professor also appreciated it.

Ernie H.

3. SpeedyPaper

The main advantage of this service is its professional team of writers that can help you with different kinds of academic papers. Here, you can order custom writing from scratch or submit drafts of your essays and research papers for proofreading and editing. The support team is available 24/7 so you can always get answers to any of your questions.

We included this service in our list of the best essay writing services on Reddit because it has a great reputation among Redditors. Besides, this service helps students not only with essays but also tests, exams, and quizzes.

I found this service because someone recommended it on r/AskReddit. Some guy said that he buys his papers here all the time so I decided to give it a try. I’ve used this service for two years since then, and these guys always do a great job. The prices are low, papers are delivered on time, and the quality is good. This is hands down the best service I know.

Dylan K.

4. GradeMiners

This is not the cheapest essay writing service out there, but the quality has its price. If you need help with especially difficult papers and you’re looking for great quality of writing, this service is a great solution.

The best essay writers at GradeMiners create all papers from scratch. When ordering your essays here, you can also get plagiarism reports so that you won’t need to worry about the originality of your papers.

This company offers writing from scratch, editing, proofreading, and rewriting. More than 3,500 writers can provide well-written papers on over 50 subjects. GradeMiners is one of the most popular Reddit essay writing services, and it always guarantees great results.

Usually, I don’t buy papers on the internet and try as hard as I can to write decent papers on my own. However, sometimes, deadlines are too tight, and when I need help quickly, I always use GradeMiners. They always deliver original papers so I’ve never had any plagiarism issues. The quality is just great.

Ruth K.

5. 99Papers

This company offers timely delivery, reasonable prices, and many freebies, including an outline, plagiarism report, revisions, and a bibliography page. 99Papers cannot boast a big team of writers but its writers know their craft and deliver well-written papers quickly. Despite low prices, this service can help you even if you’re looking for very complex papers, including theses. This company also offers a money-back guarantee so if you’re not satisfied with your paper, you can get a refund.

I’m good at math but I’ve never been good at writing. Thanks to these guys, I always know who to ask for help, and they’ve never disappointed me. No matter what topics I bring, they always do a good job so I recommend this service to my friends.

Josh B.

You can also find fast academic help on various subreddits. Many students prefer to get writing help on Reddit because such help is quick and affordable. Besides, it’s a great opportunity to order assignments without leaving your favorite platform.

Many subreddits dedicated to custom writing have writers familiar with different academic subjects, and the ordering process is quite simple. You just need to create a new post and describe your requirements. After this, writers will send their offers as private messages.

Although subreddits are convenient, they also have some disadvantages. When ordering papers on Reddit, you may encounter scammers and unprofessional writers. You cannot check a writer’s professional level and experience when they offer to write your papers.

As a result, ordering papers on Reddit always involves a certain risk. Besides, it can be difficult to find a writer who is familiar with your subject, especially if your order is urgent and you need to find a writer quickly.

Nevertheless, many students still manage to find good writers on various custom writing subreddits. The main thing is to stay away from fresh accounts that have little karma. We also recommend that you always ask writers for samples of their papers before choosing someone for your assignment.

1. r/HomeworkHelp

URL: | Status: Active | Subscribers: 154k

This is a unique subreddit where students can get writing help for free. This community won’t help you with last-minute essays but it can help you better understand your subject and improve your writing skills. This subreddit doesn’t promote cheating — it just provides assistance for students who want to improve their knowledge and write better papers.

There’s a strict set of rules to be followed, otherwise you can be banned. Here's the funniest one:

Rule #6 – Don’t be a jerk. Jerks get banned.

2. r/PaperMarket

URL: | Status: Active | Subscribers: 5,2k

This is a well-known subreddit that offers high-quality writing help and has an active community. Here you can order research papers, essays, case studies, and many other writing assignments. To get help, you should provide all the important details about your assignment and wait until your submission passes moderation. This is a very convenient service because of direct communication and a reliable review system.

3. r/Essay_Writing_Service

URL: | Status: Active | Subscribers: 7,6k

This subreddit belongs to a writing service called PaperTakers, which had previously been known as EssayCrate. This is one of the most active Reddit essay writing services. It has its own team of writers, and this subreddit actively promotes PaperTakers while also criticizing other companies from this niche.

4. r/HandmadeWriting

URL: | Status: Abandoned | Subscribers: 989

This subreddit belongs to a writing service with the same name. Users cannot post anything here, and the company also doesn’t post frequently. It seems like this subreddit was only created to drive traffic to the company’s website, but students can use it to get writing help.

UPD: The subreddit has been abandoned by its creator.

5. r/DoMyHomework

URL: | Status: Active | Subscribers: 9,6k

Here you can get help with essays, homework, and even online exams. r/DoMyHomework is an active subreddit that cares about the quality of papers and it even has a punishment policy that protects customers from getting poorly written papers.

This service has a great reputation and it has helped students with their homework for a long time. However, this subreddit has been suspended in August 2020 so it’s unclear whether it will work in the future or not.

UPD: As of August 2020, this subreddit has been suspended until further notice.

Honorable Mentions

  • AbrahamEssays. Although this service posts lots of self-promotional content, many customers say that it’s trustworthy. Active self-promotion enables these guys to attract many customers. Moreover, this company starts new subreddits all the time. Despite the aggressive promotional strategy, this company seems to be reliable.
  • Adam Huler. This writer was one of the first Redditors who decided to promote their services on the platform. Adam Huler has a great reputation and tons of positive feedback from satisfied customers. Besides. He’s a member of the Seven-Year Club.
  • PrescottPapers. This company doesn’t operate anymore but it used to be very active on Reddit in the past. In fact, PrescottPapers had multiple subreddits dedicated to custom writing. This service quickly established a good reputation thanks to countless fake reviews. However, the company stopped any activity back in 2018 without explaining the reasons.

How to Choose a Reliable Reddit Essay Writing Service?

Even though you can find many writing services on Reddit, it can be difficult to find a reliable service that keeps its promises. Therefore, it’s important to know the difference between good and bad Reddit writing services and subreddits. You need a service that provides high-quality papers at reasonable prices. To make orders safely, you should consider several important aspects.

Look for Services With Native English Speakers

First of all, if you have complex assignments or the quality of writing is crucial for you, you must make sure that your paper will be written by native English speakers. Otherwise, your paper may not be perfect in terms of grammar, and you may need to fix some spelling mistakes.

The best approach is to ask writers for samples of their work so that you can quickly evaluate their skills before making an order. Usually, reputable companies hire writers with Master’s and Ph.D. degrees.

This way, Reddit essay writing services can guarantee the best results. Besides, professional essay writing services assign all tasks to writers who have the necessary experience and knowledge of the subject. If your writer doesn’t know your subject properly or English is their second language, you may need to edit your paper or even rewrite it completely.

The Chosen Service Should Have a Clear Pricing Policy

Any of the legitimate essay writing companies don’t hide anything from their customers so you can check out their prices and learn about discounts and promo codes. Besides, the majority of reliable writing services have price calculators on their websites so you can quickly evaluate the price of your order before placing it.

Keep in mind that the price of your order always depends on several factors, including its complexity, the deadline, and word count.

Although most reliable essay websites are not cheap, they often offer nice discounts and promo codes for first-time customers. Make sure that the chosen writing service has a price calculator or pricing table. Besides, make sure that this service doesn’t have any hidden fees. We recommend that you always check customer feedback before ordering your papers somewhere.

24/7 Support

Another important thing about essay writing is customer support. We recommend that you always choose services that provide 24/7 customer support. Reliable essay writing services usually allow their customers to contact them in different ways, providing their email and phone number. As a rule, trustworthy writing services also have online chats on their websites. With an online chat, you can quickly get answers to all of your questions.

Customer Reviews

Never order your papers on the internet without reading reviews. Given that many unreliable services post hundreds of fake reviews online, it’s important to not just read but analyze the reviews and look for them on reliable review platforms. If you see a company that only has positive reviews, it’s a red flag. Even the best Reddit writing services always have some unsatisfied customers so if reviews look too good to be true, the chances are that they are fake.


We also recommend that you only work with experienced services that have been in this business for a while. Some companies may lie about their age to appear more trustworthy so the best solution is to fact-check the information that they provide on their websites. You can check any website on WHOIS to find out when they were registered. Experienced companies had enough time to learn from their mistakes. Besides, well-established companies have more writers.

Wrapping Up

Honestly, finding a reliable writing service online is a challenging task. Everyone promises outstanding papers with no plagiarism, but not all companies actually deliver what they promise. A good solution is to ask your friends for recommendations and to read online reviews to determine what companies are trustworthy. Without feedback from real customers, you won’t be able to learn how good a certain essay writing service is.

The situation is almost the same with essay writing subreddits. When dealing with subreddits, you should also keep in mind that Reddit has its voting system, and some dishonest companies may artificially inflate their reputation by using fake accounts for upvoting and downvoting content. As a result, it often gets difficult to determine whether or not you’re dealing with a reliable company.

Fortunately, we’ve already analyzed feedback on many popular Reddit essay writing services so that you can make an informed decision. We selected the top essay writing services that Reddit has to offer so that you won’t need to spend many hours researching each company and trying to understand whether or not it’s reliable.

If you didn’t find a service that meets your requirements in our list, you can follow our tips to find the best company that will fulfill your expectations.

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