EssayPro Review

EssayPro is a unique essay writing service in terms of how it works. This is a freelancing platform that connects writers and students.

Writers place bids for your order, so you are able to negotiate the price and talk to your writer directly.

It can be scary to try and complete an extensive academic paper yourself. You might not have the skills to finish your work. You may not have the time to where you can finish the project before its deadline. That’s where EssayPro comes in handy.

You can trust the workers at EssayPro if you need help in completing your next paper. EssayPro is reliable in that it gives you an excellent solution for work. You’ll have control over the ordering process, including how you can choose the writer you wish to hire. But you should also think about the pricing, as it can be unpredictable.

I’ll guide you through a look at what you can get from EssayPro in this review. I want to show you that EssayPro is a reliable choice when you need someone who can assist you with your academic project.

1. Order Process

Let’s start by taking note of how the ordering process works at EssayPro. What I like the most about the ordering process is that it gives you full control over who you hire. The website also lets you add as many details on your paper as you require.

Here are some steps to follow:

  1. You’ll need to add money to your order wallet at the start.

While many essay writing services will ask you to pay for each project, EssayPro uses a wallet-based plan for payments. You will add funds to your wallet, and then use those funds to pay for services. EssayPro accepts all major credit and debit cards.

  1. List your requirements for the project.

You’ll start by telling EssayPro what you wish to get out of your paper. You can state the type of paper you wish to order, the number of pages or words you need to complete, and the education level. You can also specify the deadline for getting the paper ready. The dashboard will list the estimated total price for the project based on your needs.

  1. Include the instructions surrounding the task.

You’ll need to list the instructions relating to how your paper must look. You can discuss what you need out of the project and what you want your writer to mention.

The best point here is to be as specific and direct in your work as possible. You can add a rubric for your project to let the writer know what the project must feature. You can also mention the citation format for use to ensure your writer references things right.

  1. Upload whatever files the writer will require for the project.

You can provide details on whatever resources the writer needs to utilize or any other multimedia files of value.

  1. Review the writers available for the work.

My favorite part of the order process is that you can take note of all the writers available for your project. You can see which writers are open based on your subject and writing level. The site gives you a shortlist of eligible writers, but you can also leave your work out for a bit and see what bids from interested writers will appear.

You can check on each writer based on one’s past work, review the number of orders someone has completed and that writer’s total rating. Other than that, you have the choice to directly hire the writer or add that person to the shortlist of candidates for work.

  1. Allow the writer to work on your project.

You can check the In Progress section of the user dashboard to see how well the writer is going with your task. The dashboard lets you keep in touch with your writer during the work process, so you’ll know what your writer is doing for you.

  1. Your transaction will be complete, and you can then pay your writer.

You can pay your writer for the service after the work is finished and you are satisfied with the project. You can add a bonus to the writer if you are especially happy with the work. But you can also request a free revision if you find any issues surrounding your work.

What I like the most about EssayPro is that the service gives a simple approach to ordering. The company gives its customers more control over the ordering process.

2. Pricing

I want to discuss the EssayPro prices you would spend when hiring the service. The price you’ll pay will vary based on the length of your project, the deadline, and the writing quality you demand. You can choose from a School, University, or Doctorate level. The project type may also impact the price.

An average five-page essay can cost about $43 to write if you have a two-week deadline. A term paper of that same length and timeframe can cost about $48 at the least.

The prices that EssayPro lists on its website are the lowest possible totals you would spend on a project. Most EssayPro reviews have suggested that you could spend anything from $10 to $20 per page for work, but the total varies. You’d have to discuss the pricing plan with a writer, but you will at least know what you’re going to spend on your work before you get it ready.

You can talk with your writing prospect to figure out the pricing for the project. But you should be aware of what you’re spending beforehand, especially when funding the wallet on your EssayPro account.

One thing to note about EssayPro is its bidding feature. You can review the bids from individual writers to see what they are willing to be paid for their work. You can figure out which people are eager to be paid the least for work, but you should note their experiences, writing standards, and past reviews before making your final choice.

I understand that the pricing is tough to predict, which can be frustrating for people who want to know what they’re going to spend first. But you will have more control over the final price, what with you looking through many people who can serve your project.

3. Discounts

You’re not going to find any discounts when looking for services with EssayPro. Unfortunately, there are no discount codes available to help you reduce those EssayPro prices. I could not find any spots on the website where I could add a discount code. But you still have control over who will work on your paper and what you might expect to pay when you hire someone to work for you.

4. Guarantees

EssayPro has a complete money-back guarantee. The site says on its guarantee page that about 95 percent of its customers return with new orders and that they are very satisfied with the work at hand. But the guarantee program ensures people will be assured with what is open.

You can get a 100 percent refund if a writer does not get assigned to your work, or if the order was only complete after the initial deadline passed. It is convenient that you have the right to dictate whether or not you wish to release all those funds after the deadline passes.

You may be subject to a partial refund if a writer is confirmed for work, but you choose to cancel the order. You may get a refund of 70 percent or greater on your order. The refund total varies over how much work was complete. EssayPro uses this standard to ensure the writers are compensated for whatever bits of work they complete.

EssayPro does not guarantee that you’re going to get a better grade on your project. You cannot get a refund if you get a lower grade on your project than whatever you might have anticipated. EssayPro uses this standard because all papers the writers create are intended to be points of reference that the clients can check and confirm later as necessary.

5. Online Reputation

People have been raving about what EssayPro offers for their paper writing needs. More than two thousand people have left reviews on SiteJabber. The site gives the page a 4.8 out of 5.0. People are happy with how the website interface works and how they can stay in touch with their writers when completing their work.

ResellerRatings gives the website a five-star rating, with people raving about how the writers are on-time and ensure their papers are easy to read and without errors. They also appreciate how EssayPro ensures all projects are original.

I’m surprised that these places had so many EssayPro reviews. Most of the other writing sites I review tend to have a couple of dozen. The reports show how happy people are with the services EssayPro provides to its customers.

6. Customer Support

Anyone who wishes to hire a writing company should ensure they can contact the people there as necessary. The customer support team at EssayPro understands this need, which is why they are always there to serve their customers. The company is open to contact 24 hours a day by phone or email.

The response time for getting an answer to a message will vary throughout the day. Sometimes you might have to wait a few hours before you can get a response. But you will get a thorough answer to your query when the people at EssayPro do get to your question. I would appreciate it if they were a little more prompt, but they at least provide sensible answers.


  • Consistent Communication With Your Writer

You’ll stay in touch with your assigned writer throughout your project. The system ensures you can contact your writer whenever you have any questions over your work. You can even get email or SMS notifications from your writer as necessary.

  • Choose Your Writer

Many other writing companies will assign a writer to you. EssayPro is different, as it lets you choose the writer you’re going to hire for your work. The platform lets you check on who is open and who you might want to consult for your project.

  • Thorough Ordering Service

You will get the chance to tell your writer about all the things you want out of a project. You can use the ordering service to handle your order in moments. The platform lets you provide your writer with the necessary attachments, the instructions for the project, and any grading rubrics you wish to cover.


  • No Outstanding Discounts

While you have the flexibility to choose someone based on what that person might charge, you’re not going to find any significant discounts. You’d have to check what each person charges for service before hiring someone.

  • Different Billing Process

The fact that you have to add money to a wallet on the site instead of pay for single projects separately may be an issue for some users. You might have money left over in your wallet after the project is complete. Then again, you never know what the final cost for your work will be when you hire someone here.

Summing Up: Is EssayPro Legit?

The EssayPro prices can be tough to predict, and customer service isn’t always there. But the writers at EssayPro are thorough in what they do, plus you can stay in touch with them throughout the work effort. You also have more control over who you’re going to hire for work.

EssayPro is reliable for when you’re trying to find a solution for writing work. But you should look around well to see what writers are available and who might be open to assist you with your work.

I would consider EssayPro to be an appealing option for your writing needs, but you should know what to expect out of the website. You must know what you are entering into before you start working, so you won’t be surprised over anything you come across in your work. I really hope that this EssayPro review was helpful to you. Please don't hesitate to leave a comment if you have anything to say.

Adam Simon