ExpertWriting Review

Since 2015 this company has been helping thousands of students worldwide to keep up with rough competition and overwhelming college schedule.

By offering to write a paper from scratch for you, helping with editing and proofreading, ExpertWriting gained its reputation of a trustworthy service you can rely in times of trouble and short deadlines.

Too many assignments may make one wonder whether there’s an easy way out. Luckily, there is. When you’re trying to juggle work, education, family and friends, writing services come in real handy. In this review, I’m going to shed the light at one of my favorite essay writing companies — ExpertWriting.

What makes this company stand out among other services is that ExpertWriting works exclusively with freelance writers. Not keeping writers in-house allows them to offer lower prices without compromising quality.

The company claims to have more than 500 professional writers and offers services for writing, editing and rewriting academic papers of any type and complexity. What is more, you can use this site for any type of homework help, whether it's a math equation or a physics assignment.

1. Order Process

The overall process of ordering a paper is pretty simple. To begin with, to place your order you will have to fill in a short form with all the required info. It will take three steps.

Step 1. Describing paper details

At this step of an order you provide a brief sketch of an assignment you need. You choose an academic level (either High School, College, University, Master's or PhD).  Then you need to pick the type of paper: essay, review, research paper, etc. And to select the subject, as well as type in the topic of your assignment.

It’s worth mentioning that even though “Paper Instructions” field is optional, I highly recommend to include as much information about the assignment as you can give. By providing detailed requirements you save yourself a lot of time on filing revision requests. Besides, most professors are very scrupulous when it comes to their demands, so it’s best if your assigned writer will be aware of such requirements as well. So at this step you can also include any additional materials and clarify the type of formatting you require.

Please note that if you’re looking for editing or proofreading services, you’ll need to select this option in the “Type of Paper” field. It’s a bit illogical and inconvenient, so I hope that this issue will be solved soon.

Step 2. Calculating the price

When you’re through with all the paper details, it’s high time to see how much it’s going to cost you. The closer the deadline, the higher the rate will be. I would recommend choosing a shorter deadline to leave ample time for revisions (should you require any).

So at this step you include the number of pages you need and the turnaround time. What is more, you can pick the level of assigned writer expertise, choosing among best available, advanced, ENL and preferred writer. A preferred writer is an author who has already completed a task for you, and you have liked it, so now you want to work with them again.

If your assignment doesn't require any discipline-specific knowledge, then “Best Available” writer is a great option. In all other cases I would recommend using an “Advanced” writer.

I prefer turning to writers who have already completed some of my assignments. I know that it will cost a bit more, though when I want to have a complex task done flawlessly, I’m ready to pay a higher price. However, when I’m in a need of an assignment that isn’t very important, the best available author will do.

Finally, at this step you can as well select additional services like plagiarism report, abstract page and high order priority.

In my opinion, plagiarism report is pretty worthless, because all papers written by this company come plagiarism-free by default. However, in case if you need some additional reassurance that your paper is original, you can pay extra $10 for a originality scan. It's rather expensive, so if you're not a recklessly wasteful person, I would recommend to save the money and check it for plagiarism yourself.

Step 3. The final step

You will look through the summary of your order to check for any mistakes. Plus, you’ll need to include personal info needed to keep in touch with you. They’ll ask for you name, email, country and telephone number. The phone number required to verify your order or provide any additional info if needed.

If you’re a returning client, you will just have to insert your email and password to log in.

2. Pricing

There are several things that affect the rates of an assignment:

  • level of complexity;
  • the deadline;
  • type of assignment;
  • writer’s expertise;
  • additional services.

Generally, the minimum price starts at $8,99 per page. You can receive help with High School assignment written by best available author within a 14-day deadline. If you’ll need it faster, or you’ll want to upgrade your writer, the price will rise as well.

Let’s have a look at a typical situation. A student forgets about an assignment, and needs a college essay written from scratch within a day (true story). So, how much would it cost? It would be minimum $23 per page with the best available author. However, if a student had prepared in advanced, and ordered a paper within a 14-day deadline, the price would drop down to $10,99 per page.

As to college assignments editing and proofreading, prices start at $6,59 and $5,50 for editing and proofreading respectively. Still, needless to say that if you’re in a rush, a 3 hours deadline may cost you starting from $20 per page.

It’s also worth mentioning the pricing for additional services:

  • Plagiarism report costs $9,99
  • Abstract page is $14,99
  • High Priority perks will cost $14,99

3. Discounts

A truly appealing thing at ExpertWriting is discounts. Even though they’re not enormous (usually 5-10%) they are frequent and regular. Regular clients can enjoy weekly email with special offers and discount codes for future orders.

Other than that, ExpertWriting has a loyalty program. If you become a regular client at this service, your discount will be increasing with the amount of money spent. Having spent more than $500, you’ll get a 5% lifetime discount for your orders, more than $1000 spent will result in 10%, and more than $2000 will provide you with a 15% lifetime discount.

No doubt, this company is generous with discounts and promos. However, sometimes things get really annoying when multiple promo pop-ups appear at once and block you from viewing the page.

Intrusive pop-ups hurt website navigation and could serve as a turnoff for some users.

4. Guarantees

When it comes to buying an essay online, I want to feel sure that I’m protected, and that I can trust a company. ExpertWriting has clear and transparent money-back guarantee and scrupulous revision policy.

Let’s first shed the light at refunds. So, in case you want to get your money back, you can contact your personal manager or a customer service team. Generally, you’ll know the final decision within three business days. However, sometimes it may take much or less time depending on your specific case.

Here are some of the points to keep in mind to see whether your request can qualify for a refund:

  • There was a mistake and you paid for your order twice.
  • The deadline was missed because of the writer.
  • No suitable writer was found. (It seldom happens, though sometimes such issue may occur).
  • The requirements weren’t fully met and you didn’t get the agreed quality. In such situations, the amount of refund will be estimated individually for every case.
  • You can receive a 15-50% refund if there was no expert found to revise your paper. Plus, if your revision was completed after the agreed time limit, you’ll get 15% compensation.

However, in some situations you won’t qualify for a refund:

  • You received a score lower than you expected. (Assessment is a very personal and subjective process, so the service cannot be in a control of it).
  • Additional services and discounts are not subject to refund.
  • Problem solving and multiple choice assignments do not qualify for a refund.

Now let’s have a look at the Revision Policy. So if you’re not using writing services for the first time, you’re probably aware that the majority of companies offer free revision to polish your assignment to perfection. Here’s how it works at ExpertWriting:

  • You can ask for as many free revisions you want but within a 10 day time limit from the final deadline in the system.
  • Free revision requirements should coincide with the initial instructions. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay 60% of the original service fee for it.
  • You can ask for a revision via email, a personal account on a website or by calling your manager or support team.
  • If your paper was delivered earlier than the agreed deadline, you don’t need to wait until the deadline to ask for a revision.
  • In case you don’t like the assigned writer, and want them to be reassigned, you will need to prove your requirement.

Overall, ExpertWriting puts customer first and solves every matter individually. Still, there are some terms you agree to when start working with writing services. So make sure you read the guarantees and policies carefully and beforehand.

5. Online Reputation

I’ll be speaking from my personal experience with this site and some of the ExpertWriting org reviews I found online. So, I have been using this service for a year and a half already, and I can claim with confidence that it’s a good one. ExpertWriting has lots of positive reviews on Reddit and Quora, so it's no wonder that students prefer this company over some other popular competitors.

6. Customer Support

As this company is helping students worldwide, they have a 24/7 customer support. In other words, you can contact them any time, and they will quickly respond via email, chat or phone (whatever the means is convenient to you).

You can talk to a support team regarding any issue you may be having. For instance, if you need to discuss your order details, or you’re looking for a refund, or there appear any tech issues, feel free to reach customer support around the clock.


When it comes to advantages of using ExpertWriting, I will definitely name three. ExpertWriting is client-oriented, affordable, and provides 100% unique content.

  • Client-oriented approach

ExpertWriting is one of the very few companies that can imitate your writing style to help you avoid Turnitin's style check. In short, there’s a service available to copy your writing style as much as possible. All you need to do is to include this requirement in your order details, send some of your works, and a professional writer will do the rest.

  • Affordable rates

This is in fact one of the most affordable services in the market. The best thing is that the reasonable prices they have don’t affect the quality. The reason is that the company works with freelance writers, and there are no extra charges usually caused by administrative expenses and keeping the large number of employees in the office. As the result, being a client, one can enjoy great quality for affordable prices.

  • 100% unique content

These days the plagiarism checkers are becoming more and more advanced. Such companies like Turnitin are working towards enhancing the algorithm aimed at contracting any instances of contract cheating. Having years of experience, ExpertWriting knows how to trick even such sophisticated authorship verification systems.


  • Aggressive marketing

When it comes to drawbacks of this service, I can probably name one only. This is aggressive marketing. At first glance, you may find it overly promotional. As soon as you visit their website you’ll spot a banner with a 5% discount.

If you decide to leave a website, an exit-intent popup will instantly appear offering you a discount of 10%. Should you place your order without paying for it, you’ll get emails reminding you to finish your order, and once again you’ll be offered a discount. Anyway, this is just my opinion, I’m sure this drawback can be regarded as a definite benefit.

Summing Up: Is ExpertWriting Legit?

Would I recommend this service to a friend? I surely would. Thanks to a reasonable price and decent quality, ExpertWriting is considered to be one of the most reliable writing services in the U.S. and Canada. Even though the company adopted an aggressive marketing strategy, this is still one of the best options to choose if you need help with an urgent or complex assignment.

Adam Simon