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Adam Simon is an essay writing service expert, and the main face behind LegitWritingServices.com.

Prior to starting this website, Adam worked as a Customer Service Representative for one of the largest essay writing companies, so he knows the business of essay writing services inside and out.

Adam is frequently quoted in education-related news stories and features.

Hi, my name is Adam! Back in school years, I made the mistake of investing my time and money into a liberal arts education. For me, one of the biggest downsides of a liberal arts degree is that it involves writing a hell of a lot of essays, both long and short. It’s not that I’m bad at writing, I just think that sometimes spending half a day writing 10 pages about the color blue isn’t quite justifiable! It’s boring, it’s dull, and waffling on for 5 pages to meet some ridiculous page count can be unbearable.

I started this website, along with my former colleagues and friends Matthew and Kimberly, to help students like you deal with stress and anxiety that comes with writing essays. We know that choosing an essay writing service is hard; it took us quite a lot of time to find websites that are trustworthy and worth trying out. There are hundreds of different essay writing services, and the excess of choice makes it difficult to choose, let alone to tell apart the legit ones from the bad ones. But don't worry, that's where we come in!

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