GradeMiners Review

GradeMiners is one of the most renowned writing services on the market. This company has been helping students with their papers since 2014.

GradeMiners stands out among its competitors mostly because of a rush 1-hour delivery and great customer service.

Every student deserves help when it comes to writing their papers. GradeMiners is one ideal solution to note when you’re looking for assistance with your paper. The website offers a complete service for writing papers. It is a safe choice that ensures your privacy as you complete your work for any subject of value.

GradeMiners is an appealing option for your essay writing demands. I want to share with you details on how the service works and what the website features. You will find in this GradeMiners review that this is a legal and safe solution for your writing needs. The hundreds of professional writers that you can hire through the website will ensure you get the most out of your next project. There’s never a need to worry about who you’re going to hire when contacting the people at for support when you manage a paper.

1. Order Process

The most substantial part of GradeMiners is that it is a legal service. GradeMiners provides full support for people who need assistance with all their writing needs. You don’t have to spend a while to order the service.

GradeMiners helps students in completing their papers, giving them more time for other things in their lives. You can hire a writer from GradeMiners to write a paper, so you can have time for any jobs or other projects you have. You don’t have to spend a while to order a document from the site.

Here are some steps for how you can order a paper from GradeMiners:

  1. State the specific document you need.

You can ask for an essay, a thesis, or one of many portions of a dissertation.

  1. Mention the grade level for your paper.

You can ask for a high school, college, undergraduate, Masters, or Ph.D. paper.

  1. State the subject for your paper.

The website requires this to ensure your paper data will go to the proper writers. GradeMiners offers support for more than fifty academic subjects.

  1. You will then list details on when you need the paper.

You can ask for a deadline of up to twenty days in advance.

  1. List the number of pages for your project.

GradeMiners lists one page as being about 275 words in length.

  1. Write down what you want out of your paper.

You can tell your writer about the instructions for your paper, including what you wish to discuss and how the content will appear. You can also add a rubric listing what your writer should be doing to produce a quality paper.

  1. Include details on any specific things you require surrounding your paper, including the citation format.
  2. Provide any attachments necessary for your work, including any references or other documents that will be critical to completing your paper.

You can also request additional services in the order process. Some of the things that you can claim while ordering include:

  • Creating a title page
  • Proofreading your content
  • Arranging and confirming any citations for work
  • Checking for plagiarism and confirming your content is unique

What I like about the order process is that you have more control over how the paper works. GradeMiners uses many points for control, plus you can see what the estimated price for services is before you send your request.

2. Pricing

The cost to hire someone from GradeMiners is relatively high, but that’s something you could say about any other paper writing website. The price for your project will vary over these factors:

  • The type of writing project you wish to complete
  • The length in pages
  • The grade level for your paper
  • The deadline for work

For example, you can order an undergraduate-level essay that you would require in seven days. It would cost about $20 per page to complete. A high school-level paper of the same length and timeframe will cost $16 per page.

You can also hire someone to proofread your paper if you have one. You can order a proofreading service for as little as $8 per page. The service is ideal if you have a paper that you want someone to check and adjust as necessary.

You also have the choice to hire a specific writer for your project. You can read reviews of each writer and see their rates to determine who you wish to employ. But it will cost extra to contact a specific person who can help you with your work. There’s no guarantee that the best writers will be available either, so you’d have to complete an extra bit of research to find someone who fits your plans.

3. Discounts

The most prominent discount that GradeMiners offers is a first-order discount. You can unlock the first-order deal by entering your email address when you order. You can get a 15 percent discount on your paper. That ten-page undergraduate-level paper you read about a bit ago will cost $17.50 per page to write instead of the regular $20 per page.

I haven’t been able to find any GradeMiners promo code for the website. The company doesn’t seem to offer any other discounts on its website. My guess is that GradeMiners wants to ensure its writers are well-compensated and get the pay they deserve.

4. Guarantees

GradeMiners is safe to utilize, as it offers multiple guarantees. This company guarantees the quality of the work by ensuring all projects are plagiarism-free and that all projects come from experts in their fields. GradeMiners will always assign experts with degrees in the fields that they are writing. The website’s editors will also check on all projects and ensure they fit the quality standards necessary for work.

The website has a thorough vetting process for all its writers. There are more than a thousand writers on the website staff, with each focusing on different fields of study. uses a few steps for checking on its writers:

  1. Each person will complete a grammar test.
  2. Those who pass the test will go through a screening interview.
  3. The people who complete the interviews will then be reviewed based on their prior studies and work experiences.
  4. The website then identifies the people who will work and will hire them as necessary.

The company estimates that about nine percent of all people who apply to write for the site are accepted. The vetting process ensures that only the best people will be available to work for the website.

The confidentiality of GradeMiners is also guaranteed. Your data will be kept private and secure. You only need to provide the specific info necessary for completing your project. The design is safe in that no one will identify that you completed your project with GradeMiners. Your personal data won’t travel to the writer or any other parties.

You can also chat with your writer on a no-name basis, so there’s no need to worry about someone spotting you while working. All payments methods are also secure and safe for use, so there are no problems with the work you complete.

The website also has a money-back guarantee. You can ask for a refund on your project if the writer does not appear to have followed the requirements, or you are not satisfied with any part of the project. You can ask for as many revisions as necessary within two weeks after your writer finishes and delivers the paper. The revision service is free, but you can get a full refund if you are not satisfied with the work even after those changes were complete. A refund is also guaranteed to all people who have not downloaded their papers.

The money-back-guarantee is positive, as it gives a full refund. I’ve seen many writing services that provide people a partial refund when they aren’t happy with the work. The fact that GradeMiners gives a 100 percent refund for unsatisfactory work is a plus. It gives you more power over the project, especially as it ensures you won’t risk losing more than necessary.

5. Online Reputation

I have checked around to see what other GradeMiners review reports say, and I found some positive reports. I went on SiteJabber, and I found that the website has a rating of 4.4 out of 5.0. People on the website say that the writers are very trustworthy and responsive to the needs the clients hold.

People like how the research the writers complete is always thorough. They also like how the projects are properly cited and that the reference listings are easy to review.

6. Customer Support

Another point I want to discuss is that the site has a 24-hour customer support service that you can trust. The live chat feature lets you talk with the website about the ordering process, how you can contact the writer, your payments, and anything else you wish to discuss surrounding your work.

You can also request a free quote for services through the customer support team. You can send your email address and details on what you wish to finish. The company will then get back to you soon about what you could spend. I tried this out, and I got a response about an hour after I contacted them. That’s a pretty fast response for me.

The customer service department is also very direct in what they say. They explain things to me well without hiding any details. They are also very positive and supportive of my needs. I figure that they are this positive because they want my business, but the upbeat and ideal nature of the company ensures that I get the support I need whenever I ask for someone to serve my demands.


I have seen plenty of great points about the website and how it serves customers. Let’s look at some of the best things GradeMiners offers for customers:

  • Excellent Guarantee

The fact that GradeMiners provides a 100 percent money-back guarantee is a positive. The guarantee shows that the website stands behind its writers.

  • Simple Pricing

The pricing for work at GradeMiners is thorough and transparent. You’ll know what to expect when paying for services. There are no hidden fees for work.

  • Quality Writers

The specific vetting efforts GradeMiners uses when finding writers is essential to its success. GradeMiners ensures you find the best writers who have experience in whatever fields you wish to manage.


There are a few negatives to note surrounding the website’s services, with many of these points surrounding how much you would spend on the work:

  • No Real Discounts

Other than the first-time user discount, there aren’t any deals available here. You cannot use any promo codes on the website.

  • High Prices

While you will know what you’ll pay when working with someone, that doesn’t mean it is affordable. The service costs a good deal to hire.

Summing Up: Is GradeMiners Legit?

The greatest part of finding a writing company involves finding someone you can trust. You need someone secure and open to help you in managing your work. The great news is that GradeMiners is there to assist you with whatever tasks you wish to complete. You’ll appreciate how well the tasks work and how you get the help you deserve when you need it the most.

You’ll find GradeMiners to be a suitable choice for when you need to hire a talented writer for your paper. The website has great writers who understand their subjects, plus you can contact them as necessary. The full guarantee that GradeMiners provides ensures you will have the help you deserve.

I find GradeMiners to be a helpful choice for your work demands. You will feel confident in your project, plus you will have more time to complete other things surrounding your studies. Take note of what this website offers when you’re looking for someone who can handle your paper writing needs.

Adam Simon