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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Pre-Written Essays

Many students don’t like to write essays but they still need to do it. Essays are a very common type of assignment in high school and college so students need to master writing at a decent level. Not all students, however, have brilliant writing skills. Some students have problems with grammar, while others may lack creativity and get stuck because of writer’s block. Besides, it’s important to keep in mind that academic writing also involves researching your subject and working with sources.

Simply put, essay writing is challenging. To receive good grades, students should not only write well, express original ideas, and create a clear logical structure but also make sure that their essays will meet all the necessary academic requirements. When writing essays, you should format them according to the necessary citation style. Given that essay writing isn’t easy, there’s no surprise that many students decide to buy essays online.

Although there are many companies that sell essays, not all of them can actually help you accomplish your goals. Some writing services hire experienced and talented writers who know everything about their areas of knowledge, while others work with unprofessional writers in an attempt to keep their prices low. Unfortunately, there are also companies that don’t care about their customers at all. These companies don’t write essays and simply sell pre-written essays instead. We recommend that you never buy pre-written essays, and here are some important reasons why you shouldn’t do it.

1. The Chances Are That Your Essay Is Stolen

Legit, reliable essay writing services always write papers from scratch so that they can meet a specific customer’s requirements. When you buy a pre-written essay, you don’t know who it’s been written for. Essay mills have many customers, and sometimes, these customers may not approve their papers. In this case, the company can keep such papers, rewrite, and then sell them to other customers. However, in this case, these papers are at least original.

The situation gets much worse when writers resell papers that they’ve already delivered to customers. Moreover, students can decide to make some extra money and sell their essays after submitting them. Such a practice is completely dishonest and it can undermine the customers’ entire academic careers. Submitting a plagiarized paper can lead to severe consequences, including expulsion.

2. Your Essay Can Be Plagiarized

Even though submitting plagiarized content is what all students need to avoid, too many companies use dishonest business practices and sell unoriginal papers. If you’re looking for a pre-written essay, it means that your paper won’t be tailored to your needs, and no one will guarantee its uniqueness. This essay has been written for somebody else, and it may have already been purchased by many other students.

When you buy a pre-written essay, you shouldn’t expect to get an original paper. Writers who write essays for money often have massive workloads. When dealing with tight deadlines and many orders, some writers may decide to take shortcuts and use some pre-written content in their work. Most often, this happens with cheap writing services that decide to take more orders instead of focusing on the quality of papers. The use of pre-written fragments, along with poor citations, can kill the originality of papers even if the writer didn’t plagiarize content intentionally.

Of course, some companies offer a money-back guarantee, but the situation is a little tricky. First of all, a money-back guarantee is usually offered only by legit services that write papers from scratch. Quite often, you may not be able to get your money back after approving your order. At the same time, you may not be able to see the full version of your paper until you approve it — a classic catch-22 situation. You may only get a sample or preview of your paper so you won’t be able to check it for originality. To get the full version, you must approve the paper so you may not be able to get your money back.

3. You Won’t Be Able to Make Any Changes

Companies that sell pre-written essays generally have different rules and standards than reliable custom writing services that write papers from scratch. Legit companies offer reviews so that you can make the necessary changes to your paper if you’re not satisfied with it for some reason. Companies that sell pre-written essays have different rules. They sell unoriginal papers for cheap, and if you decide to choose the cheapest option and buy a pre-written college essay, you will get exactly what you pay for.

Pre-written essays are not tailored to anyone’s needs and demands. Therefore, writers are not responsible for any changes and revisions. Even if your pre-written paper is full of grammar errors and lacks proper citations, nobody will edit and proofread it — you will need to do it on your own. As we’ve already mentioned above, you may only be able to see a preview of your paper before approving it so you may not know about any problems until it’s already too late.

Pre-Written Essays for Sale vs. Custom Writing

Although pre-written essays can be very cheap, saving a few dollars certainly isn’t worth the risk. We recommend that you choose custom writing services instead because they can write papers from scratch according to your specific instructions. Reliable custom writing services care about the originality of their papers because their reputation depends on it. Therefore, they don’t resell essays and make sure that every customer gets a unique paper.If you buy a pre-written persuasive essay or another type of assignment, you will have no control over the writing process, and you won’t be able to get exactly what you want. When ordering custom writing from scratch, you can choose the discipline, academic level, and citation format. Obviously, you can also choose any topic you want, no matter how specific and complex it is. Custom writing costs more, but when dealing with reliable custom writing services, you can be sure that you pay for a paper that will be actually useful for you.

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