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How Much Should I Pay Someone to Write an Essay?

Thanks to online writing services, students who don’t have enough time can always pay someone to write an essay. If you need help with your papers, you can choose from among thousands of writing services, and all of them offer different prices. It can be difficult to find a service that provides high-quality papers and has affordable prices. Many cheap services promise to deliver great papers but they rarely keep their promises. As for the more expensive services, it’s important to know what prices can be considered reasonable.

Writing services are extremely popular because many students get too many writing assignments but don’t have enough time to deal with all of them. Therefore, these students can simply fail their deadlines or hire someone to write an essay and forget about their problems. In this article, we will focus on the prices of custom writing so that you will know how much you need to pay someone to write an essay for you and avoid overpaying.

How Much Does Essay Writing Cost?

Generally, you can find writing services that will write your papers for $10-$35 per page. The price of custom essay writing depends on many factors, including the academic level of the essay, its length, and deadline. If your essay requires in-depth research, it may cost more than a simpler essay based on just a couple of sources. High school essays cost less than essays of higher academic levels. If you’re looking for a college or graduate-level essay, you should be ready to pay more. Ph.D. dissertations are the most expensive type of papers.

The reason why prices change depending on the academic level is that complex papers should be written by experienced writers who are perfectly familiar with the necessary area of study. Services that hire native English speakers also charge more than services with ESL writers. Obviously, the price of writing also changes depending on the deadline. All writing services work with different deadlines. For example, on some websites, orders with deadlines of six or twelve hours are considered urgent, while other services even work on papers that are due in three hours.

Should You Use Cheap Writing Services?

Students rarely have a lot of money. Tuition costs grow every year so there’s no surprise that most students want to use any opportunity to save some money. However, when it comes to essay writing, choosing the cheapest option is definitely a bad solution. If you simply google “pay to write essay,” you will find dozens of services that offer to write your essay for $10 per page or less. You should keep in mind that quality always has its price and not all writing services are actually trustworthy.

Most legit writing services don’t write essays for less than $10 per page. There are many services with even lower prices, but these are either scammers or companies with unprofessional writers that sell poorly written unoriginal papers. You may fix some grammar mistakes and edit your paper if it needs some improvement in terms of style. However, if your paper is unoriginal, it can undermine your academic credibility. It can be really difficult for students to find a legit affordable writing service because professional writers deserve fair compensation, and they rarely agree to write essays for cheap. 

Disadvantages of Cheap Writing Services

  • Not enough options

It may seem like there are hundreds of cheap services, but the truth is that finding a decent affordable service is a challenging task. First, many companies that offer the lowest prices are simply scammers so if you decide to save some money and use these services, you may not receive your essay at all. Secondly, there is no business that would intentionally occupy the low-price segment while having other options.

Many services call themselves cheap, but in fact, offer average prices. Fewer companies can actually write your essay for $9 or even $7 per page, but there is always a reason why these services are so cheap. Therefore, if you want to avoid unnecessary risks, don’t choose services that have much lower prices than their competitors.

  • Unprofessional writers

The price that you see when you pay someone to write your essay includes the writer’s fee, as well as the company’s share. In other words, your writer will get even less money than you pay for your paper when ordering it from a cheap writing service. If the price of your order is suspiciously low, it means that your order will likely be completed by an unprofessional ESL writer who may not even know anything about your area of study.

Experienced writers with Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in their disciplines deserve fair compensation for their effort so they don’t work for a few pennies. You should also keep in mind that writers from English-speaking countries also demand higher salaries than ESL writers from developing countries. Therefore, if you want your paper to be perfect in terms of grammar, you must be ready to pay more.

  • Questionable business models

We’ve already mentioned that many cheap services are just scammers. You may make an order in an attempt to save a few dollars without getting any papers at all. However, this is not the only way students get scammed. Some companies may also sell pre-written essays for cheap, so you may get an unoriginal essay that has already been submitted by another student and that won’t pass a plagiarism check.

Legit writing services may offer low prices for some types of papers but they also realize that it’s impossible to offer the same low price for orders of different complexity levels. Therefore, if a cheap writing service has a fixed pricing system, we recommend that you think twice before making an order. Legit affordable writing services usually have a different business model: they work as bidding platforms. When making orders on such websites, you can see bids from different writers and choose the one with the lowest price.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how to pay someone to write an essay, you should be able to choose reliable services that won’t force you to overpay for their papers. There are many writing services with reasonable prices that can write decent custom essays. However, if you see an offer that looks too good to be true, the chances are that you will get a poorly written unoriginal essay that will be completely useless.

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