Is Buying an Essay Online Safe?

More and more students turn to essay writing services to keep up with the overload of assignments and the need to juggle work and education. However, the main problem is finding a writing company one can really trust, as well as solving the inevitable dilemma of whether it’s cheating and what if one gets caught. 

So, is it safe to buy a paper online? Let’s find out and examine the common tips on how to protect yourself from scams.

To begin with, we won’t dare to say that paying someone to write your college assignment is absolutely safe. Still, we won’t be telling you some scary stories of how someone got robbed off, because they turned to a scam company for writing a paper. The thing is buying essays online is no different from any online shopping. There are some pitfalls and we’re here to discover them.

Problem #1: A Student Can Get Caught and Fail a Course

On the one hand, turning to someone to write a paper for you is considered cheating according to the rules and requirements of any educational institution. On the other hand, it’s not illegal. So, if you get your assignment done at a company that is experienced in custom writing, the chances your professor will suspect something are quite unlikely.

Solution: That is why choose trustworthy services you can rely on. Services with experienced writers, wide range of assignments and with good reputation.

Problem #2: Online Reputation Can Be Illusive

While one of the factors choosing an essay company is checking online feedback, it can often be fake and artificial. Lots of writing services make up fake reviews to boost their reputation and boost their sales. You can even find review websites designed with the sole purpose – to promote a particular composing company.

Solution: Checking online reviews is a good idea, but one should be careful. There are some common tips on how to detect a fraudulent review. Firstly, if there is too much positive feedback with no negative comments, it’s quite suspicious. Secondly, always check for detailed and specific reviews, as they are most likely to be real and honest. Finally, don’t hesitate to ask your friends and acquaintances whether they had experience buying papers on this or that website. 

Problem #3: A Professor May Scan a Paper With Turnitin

You know better than anyone that plagiarism is always out of the question. And despite your custom paper being meticulously written in accordance with all the requirements, you may be accused of plagiarism. How so? These days there is tons of software like Turnitin, designed to detect custom essay activities. The tools are smart enough to compare your writing style and spot any deviations if it wasn’t you who wrote an assignment. 

Solution: All respected and reputable essay writing companies can offer you the so-called service of ‘style mimicking’. To put it simply, when ordering a paper, you may send some of your assignments, so that an assigned author will examine your style and technique. Then, when writing an essay for you, they will mimic your style, so that no one can detect it’s not written by you. What is more, you can also add some common mistakes you often make, so that your paper won’t be too perfect, so to say.

Problem #4: Lack of Details Often Results in Badly-Written Paper

Needless to say that each institution, department and professor have their peculiar requirements that students need to meet. Whether it’s a formatting style (MLA, Chicago, APA, etc.), or specific demands your professor may ask for, your paper should correspond to them. No matter how great the ideas may be, academic papers are also about being written in accordance with all the teeny-tiny specific details.

Solution: To protect yourself from getting a lower mark just because your citations were organized wrong, make sure you provide the assigned writer with all the requirements and details needed to write an assignment. The more details you include in your order, the easier it will be for the writer to offer you an impeccable essay.

Problem #5: Not All the Requirements Were Met

Many students worry about what they should do if they’ve already paid for a paper, but not all the agreed requirements were met. A reliable writing company always offers free revisions for such incidents. In other words, in case an author fails to write a paper in accordance with all the agreed requirements of your order, you have the right to ask for a free revision. That will be done free of charge.

Solution: When looking for an essay writing company, read about their revision policy. A good and respected service offers such a feature, as they aim to satisfy and retain regular clients.


Needless to say that one can become the victim of an essay writing scam. However, that can be said about anything. We have outlined some of the most common problems that may make buying essays online seem like something unsafe. Still, you see that each of the problems has a pretty simple solution. All having one thing in common – the need to remain analytical and even a bit skeptical.

All in all, turning to a company to order a paper can be a truly safe and effective way to get better grades. If a student buys an assignment at a reliable company, they will get a quality paper with no sweat. Tons of services have gained their reputation over the years of hard work helping thousands of students worldwide. Nevertheless, the risks will always exist, so don’t forget to listen to your senses whenever you’re buying anything online.

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