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How To Use Essay Writing Services Without Getting Caught?

Educators emphasize the importance of essay writing for developing strong writing skills and critical thinking all the time, and all students know how important essays are for their academic performance. Students write essays in high school, and then they go to college and need to work on more complex papers, including theses and dissertations. No matter whether you like writing or not, it can have a significant impact on your career, so there’s no surprise that so many students use grammar tools and plagiarism checkers all the time.

Some students, however, go even further and not only use various helpful software but also order academic assistance and delegate writing tasks to professionals. While many people may not see anything wrong in using essay writing services, educators keep criticizing such companies and call it plagiarism. Plagiarism is considered academic dishonesty, and being caught on cheating can have very negative consequences for your academic career, from being suspended to being expelled.

Using Essay Writing Services Is a Common Practice

No matter what educators think of essay writing services, students use them frequently. According to research, many university students buy their papers online, and most of them are not scared of the consequences of being caught on plagiarism.

All students have to deal with a lot of pressure. They constantly suffer from massive workloads and tight deadlines. ESL students’ educational experience is even more challenging, and they need help more often. Research data also demonstrates that the most common reason why ESL students buy papers is that they don’t receive enough support from their educational institutions. Educators fail to adapt their curricula to the needs of students, and ESL students need to deal with the same pressure as others, while also having weaker language skills.

When Students Cheat, They Get Caught

Educational institutions keep discussing the legality of custom essay writing, and all educators agree that the practice of submitting someone else’s work damages the overall quality of education. Some people even consider criminalizing custom writing so that plagiarism would lead to a criminal record and companies that provide writing services would be punished.

In many countries, students get punished in different ways, and in some countries, governments even started to fight custom writing. The Macquarie University in Sydney revoked degrees of students who were caught on purchasing essays so these students couldn’t graduate. In the U.K., more than 45,000 students were caught cheating, and this incident made ministers join educational institutions in defending academic standards and fighting plagiarism.

Nevertheless, many students are unaware of the consequences of being caught on submitting plagiarized papers. All universities know that students use custom writing services, educators have reliable plagiarism detection software, and presenting plagiarized content as your own becomes almost impossible. Even students who can avoid any legal repercussions can still get a permanent record of cheating, get their course credits revoked, or even face expulsion.

The Need for Essay Services Outweighs the Risks

Although plagiarism detection software constantly improves, and its algorithms become more and more sophisticated, students are still willing to take the risk. Students use essay writing services not because they are lazy but because they have many legit reasons, and it’s important to take these reasons into account.

First of all, writing services help students save their precious time. Students often get too many writing assignments but don’t have enough time to complete them. Therefore, ordering papers online becomes their only chance to escape failure. Besides, not all students were born brilliant writers, and not all of them will even need writing skills in their future careers. Buying papers from professionals also means getting good, well-written papers that will be appreciated by a professor.

Another reason why students purchase custom essays is that they can better learn a certain topic. Many types of academic papers should be based on solid research, and searching for relevant sources can take a lot of time. Students can buy custom papers and work with the same sources, drawing their own conclusions. Many students also use custom essays as samples so that they can understand what good academic writing looks like and use some effective techniques in their own writing.

Besides, when using trustworthy writing services with professional writers, you don’t need to worry about plagiarism. Experienced professional writers know how important originality is for their customers so they make sure to provide 100% original content. Therefore, it becomes impossible to prove that students didn’t write these papers themselves. Professional writers know how plagiarism checkers work, and they make sure to include properly formatted references.

Therefore, if you want to know whether or not using essay writing services is safe, the answer is that everything depends on what service you choose. Before ordering your papers online, make sure to research companies and read reviews from customers. This way, you’ll be able to choose real professionals with a good reputation.

Buying Custom Essays Without Getting Caught

  • We recommend that you never provide your campus or personal email address when using essay writing services. Use a different email so that you can protect your privacy.
  • Unfortunately, you need to use your real name and provide some personal information to pay for your papers. The good news is that reliable writing services never share their customers’ personal information with any third parties. This is also another reason why you should always check customer feedback before making an order. You should only use services with a good reputation because they care about their customers’ anonymity.
  • There are many scammers in the essay writing industry, and some of them even post fake positive reviews. Therefore, make sure to analyze the customer feedback. You should also keep in mind that you may not find a perfect writing service immediately. Test different options, and if you’re really happy with a particular writer’s job, you can keep working with them so that all your papers will be consistent in terms of style.
  • Always check papers that you purchase online for plagiarism. Even if a certain service promises 100% originality, writers can still unintentionally paraphrase some work without a proper citation so you should always check your papers before submitting them. If a paper is properly cited and written from scratch, even the best plagiarism checkers like Turnitin won’t detect plagiarism.
  • Keep in mind your own level of writing skills. Of course, you may pay for an essay to present a well-written paper that will be better than your own writing. However, your professor should also believe that it’s your paper. If you’ve submitted poorly written essays all the time and suddenly submit an outstanding essay with perfect grammar, it might look suspicious. In some cases, you may even consider adding some minor mistakes.
  • Professional writers can write your papers but they cannot discuss the subject with the professor for you. Make sure to read your papers so that you will actually understand the key information and demonstrate your knowledge of the material.


Although educators keep criticizing essay writing services, students need writing help so they get it. For many students, especially ESL students, hiring experienced writers for their assignments can be the only option if they want to avoid failure. Therefore, if educators want to solve this problem, they should understand why students need essay writing services, in the first place, and think of their students’ needs.

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  • Interesting fact. Research by the University of Australia demonstrated that international students buy their papers online most often, and the majority of them are those who have English as a second language (ESL). At the same time, native English speakers (ENL) from the U.S. turned out to be more likely to take risks associated with custom writing. There is no surprise that many ESL students purchase their essays and other writing assignments online.