Legit Writing Services Scholarship

You would probably agree when we say that today’s key to success is knowledge. This is why more and more students are craving to attain a higher education. As our company’s team includes professional academics, we know better than anyone how important an education can be for you.

This made us create a scholarship program for undergraduate and graduate students. You have a unique opportunity to get a $1000 scholarship. This competition is held annually, so we can give a helping hand to many students. Check out how to win a scholarship at our program!

Scholarship Amount

It should be noted that the amount of our scholarship is $1000. You take part in the competition and only one person can win it and use the scholarship for their educational expenses.

LegitWritingServices Scholarship: Take Part in our Essay Contest for a Chance to Win!

Conditions You Must Meet to Take Part in the Contest

Below you can find the list of requirements you should meet if you want to apply for the grant we are offering:

  • To get a scholarship, you must be studying or due to be studying full-time at a certified American institution. In other words, at the time of receiving the scholarship you must be already enrolled.
  • Your academic performance at a current educational institution must be great.
  • Your minimum GPA is to be 3.0 out of 4.0.
  • If you haven’t yet reached 18 years of age, you must receive permission from your parent or legal guardian.
  • To take part in the competition, you send an email, including your personal data such as your name and the name of the college/university you currently or plan to attend.

Things You Should Do to Apply for the Scholarship

The assignment that will be examined at the contest is an essay. The word count must be more than one thousand words. The topic is the following: “The Future of American Education”.

The deadline is September 15th, 2021, so make sure you have enough time to prepare. Keep in mind that we accept submissions in Word format only. If you send us your essay in PDF or any other format, we will not approve your application to take part in the contest.

All applications should be sent to [email protected] in a Word format only.

Please remember to include your full name and phone number, the name of your institution, and your email address in the scholarship application. It is highly important to include all of these details.

We have a very strict policy regarding plagiarism. For this reason, if your work is not 100% unique, your application will be instantly rejected. The essay must reflect your own writing and research skills, so usage of scholarship essay writing services is prohibited and will result in immediate disqualification from the contest.

Your essay will be examined thoroughly by our team of experts, taking into account the creativity of your work, the importance of your research and certainly the value of your ideas.

We will announce the winner on September 30th, 2021, so please keep this date in mind. The results will be sent via email.

Who Reviews the Applications?

The people responsible for examining the works are project and content managers at our company. These are professionals who review essay writing services and teach younger specialists all the secrets and pitfalls of academic writing. You can be assured that your personal information is protected and no third party can obtain your data. Still, we retain the right to use your visions in our internal projects.

Privacy Policy

If you decide to participate in our contest, this act is voluntary and it is your choice to take part in this competition. As an applicant, you may be asked to send data electronically via email to [email protected].

If you send us your application, you allow LegitWritingServices.com, its agents and/or representatives the following actions: These people are granted the right to use and post candidates' names, their institutions, college photos, email addresses, the amount of money awarded, and the essay itself at our website, as well as on our other marketing communications. These include, but are not limited to our website, newsletters, social media, and press releases.

Our company may use your contact email or phone to confirm your application. Plus, this contact information may be used to gather some additional information, if needed. We may send you notifications to keep you updated about your status as an applicant. Finally, we may contact you to cover questions or issues regarding your application.

All sensitive information sent during the application process is destroyed the moment the winner is affirmed and announced. Candidates’ emails and phone numbers will not be subject to any marketing efforts.