Best Essay Writing Services on Reddit

Reddit is a truly addictive place. With hundreds of millions of users, and tens of thousands of active subreddits, Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. Latest news, memes, AMA's, various discussions – it has something for everyone. It is basically the largest discussion forum in the world, so it's no wonder that essay writing services are widely discussed there, too.

Reddit is community-driven, so a lot of students rely on it to get help with their last-minute assignments. You can simply post your essay question at one of the subreddits and find someone who is willing to help you, or you can use the power of community to get feedback about the essay writing company that you want to try out.

While there are dozens of essay writing services on Reddit, it is a bit subjective how they get their status as “popular” and “trustworthy.” You should keep in mind that practically anyone can anonymously upvote and downvote comments and posts, so it's easy to manipulate the votes if you have hundreds of accounts with which to do so. Some companies use this to their advantage and deceive students into thinking that they're trustworthy, while in reality the quality of their service is far from perfect.

We decided to spend some time investigating and outlining the best essay writing services on Reddit, as well as inform you about established essay help subreddits that are proven to be legit and effective. Having read a lot of comments and checked dozens of subreddits, we have come up with the list of the most talked about and popular writing services. Check them out!

5 Best Essay Writing Services According to Reddit

PaperHelp essay writing service website preview

1. PaperHelp

Price from: $10 | Deadline: 3 hours | Discount: 5-20% | Revisions: ✓ | Writers: ESL & ENL

PaperHelp was incorporated back in 2008, and it remains one of the most frequently discussed essay writing companies on Reddit up until this day. This service is known for its fast delivery, 100% unique papers and individualized approach. As they’re truly demanding towards their employees, their papers are written by real professionals who know a thing or two about custom writing. From high school homework (like essays, lab reports or presentations) to serious Ph.D. assignments (like dissertations) that require in-depth analysis – you can find anything you need. Plus, the prices are reasonable, with a whole gamut of discounts.

I have never used such services before, but this time I was in real trouble. I needed a Philosophy paper and had only 6 hours to write it. Man, I was on the verge of retaking the course, but luckily I found this service and managed to get a “B”.

John B.

ExpertWriting essay writing service website preview

2. ExpertWriting

Price from: $9 | Deadline: 3 hours | Discount: 5% | Revisions: ✓ | Writers: ESL & ENL

Quality papers for fair rates – this what makes ExpertWriting the leading professionals in the field. This company is frequently mentioned on Reddit as one of the most reliable essay writing services. It stands out among other services for its prices. Still, that doesn’t affect the quality. Significant experience and dedication is their key to success, making thousands of students come back. All papers are uniquely written and crafted after painstaking research. Not to speak about their serious privacy policy- they are really strict when it comes to your personal information. Price-wise, ExpertWriting is the best essay writing service Reddit has to offer. While the discounts aren’t as various as at other services, prices are affordable even without them.

I won’t lie to you. At first, I got a paper that didn’t satisfy all my requirements, but I asked for a free revision, and my assigned writer polished the paper to perfection. My professor complimented the paper and I got 95%. Thanks for an excellent job.

Mary A.

SpeedyPaper essay writing service website preview

3. SpeedyPaper

Price from: $9 | Deadline: 6 hours | Discount: 5% | Revisions: ✓ | Writers: ESL & ENL

A great team of writers is linked together with one goal: providing students with quality assignments. A 24/7 support team is always ready to answer any troubling questions and to help you with the order. They offer “from scratch” composition and proofreading (if you just need to edit your paper). This service remains in the top 5 Reddit essay writing services with a well-deserved reputation. Client satisfaction is their main goal and they work towards it. Plus, they can also take an online quiz or test for you, as well as offer online assistance during exam.

Someone on r/AskReddit recommended SpeedyPaper as the best essay writing service, so I decided to give it a try. I have been using this service for some important essays ever since then. They are always on time, always offer good prices, and are always top quality. I don’t know what I would have done without them.

Samuel A.

GradeMiners essay writing service website preview

4. GradeMiners

Price from: $14.46 | Deadline: 3 hours | Discount: 15% | Revisions: ✓ | Writers: ESL

Pricing is above average, but so is the quality. This service offers stunning quality, as they’re demanding towards every order. All the tasks are done from scratch and are submitted with a plagiarism report. Writing, rewriting, proofreading or editing, the offers run the gamut. You can choose from 50+ subjects and among 3,500+ experts. With a 96% satisfaction rate they have remained the leader in custom writing for years. GradeMiners is one of the most popular Reddit essay writing services that guarantees remarkable results.

I am not a regular user of essay writing services, as mostly I try to study myself. However, from time to time, I just feel as if I can’t handle it on my own. This is when I turn GradeMiners for help. I am really happy with the quality, but most importantly, the papers they produce are always plagiarism-free.

Jessica T.

99Papers essay writing service website preview

5. 99Papers

Price from: $9 | Deadline: 3 hours | Discount: 5% | Revisions: ✓ | Writers: ESL & ENL

Reasonable pricing, and on-time delivery. Tons of free features like title, bibliography page, plagiarism check, revisions, and outline. Their team of writers isn’t large, but they’re real experts in their fields. From essay writing to thesis composing, this service provides students with papers of any type and difficulty. Plus, there’s a money-back guarantee in case if they fail to meet your expectations. If you’re looking for a good quality service that’s not hard on your wallet, this is the one you need.

I hate Physics, I just can’t stand it. I needed to craft a presentation on ‘Pumped-storage hydroelectricity’. The very topic was already depressing. Luckily, a friend of mine recommended 99Papers and they nailed it.

Bob D.

Another place to find assistance with your essays is essay help communities on Reddit. Hundreds of students choose essay writing services subreddits because it’s a fast, easy and convenient way to get help with your homework. Plus, it’s truly affordable.

The most active subreddits have hundreds of writers who are willing to help with your essays. It works as follows: you create a new post with your essay requirements and start receiving offers from writers via PM. Simple as that.

One of the major downsides of buying essays via subreddits is that you are not safe from scammers and downright unprofessional writers. You're basically entrusting your assignment to a random person, so there are a lot of things that can go wrong here. Usually, it's not easy to find a writer who has the relevant knowledge and writing skills needed for your paper (especially if you have a last-minute one). However, it's still possible. To be on the safe side, avoid offers from newly created accounts with low karma and always ask for samples of their work to be able to assess the quality.

1. r/HomeworkHelp

URL: | Status: Active | Subscribers: 128k

One of a kind subreddit offering help for free. No, they won’t help you deal with your last-minute assignment, but they can truly help you understand the material and learn something. They won’t help you cheat, but show you that you can get a grasp of a subject/topic just with a bit of assistance.

There’s a strict set of rules to be followed, otherwise you can be banned. Here's the funniest one:

Rule #6 – Don’t be a jerk. Jerks get banned.

2. r/PaperMarket

URL: | Status: Active | Subscribers: 3,4k

This subreddit stands out not only for their custom help, but also for their guidelines. As a community they offer effective assistance with essays, research papers, case studies and other academic assignments. As at any other subreddit, you need to submit the details of your order to pass the moderation process. The communication is direct and individual, so it’s truly convenient. Plus, there’s a review system that offers an opportunity to be 100% sure the service is legit and efficient.

3. r/stressays

URL: | Status: Active | Subscribers: 1,7k

United by one goal of helping students to deal with burdensome tasks, this is one of the largest essay writing services subreddits. It works as simple as ABC: you leave a post with a paper you need and soon you’ll be getting offers from expert writers to craft an assignment for you. To get the assistance you request, your post should be clear and detailed. Don’t use generic titles like “somebody help.” Make sure you express your requirements precisely by including the topic, the deadline, word quantity, subject, the price you’re ready to pay and other essential details for your paper to be excellent.

4. r/DoMyHomework

URL: | Status: Active | Subscribers: 8,1k

High school and college homework, essays, and online exams – you can receive help with anything here. DoMyHomework is very demanding when it comes to quality, with a strict (punishment) policy in case a student receives a low quality assignment. They live up to their reputation as a dependable and effective service to order homework from.

Update: As of August 2020, this subreddit has been suspended until further notice.

5. r/HomeworkCentral

URL: | Status: Active | Subscribers: 1,9k

HomeworkCentral is a quite new subreddit, though it is gaining popularity day by day. The reason is simple. You can get your task done for a reasonable price and receive a well-crafted paper. The list of services it offers is endless: from writing to editing, from homework to online help with exams. Moderators of this subreddit are trying hard to provide students with outstanding quality and that’s their key to being one of the most popular essay help communities these days.

6. r/HandmadeWriting

URL: | Status: Active | Subscribers: 989

HandmadeWriting is a subreddit operated by the company of the same name. HandmadeWriting doesn't allow users to post anything in its subreddit, so it seems like the only purpose of this sub is to direct traffic to an external site. The company itself doesn't frequently post there, too.

7. r/Essay_Writing_Service

URL: | Status: Active | Subscribers: 4,2k

PaperTakers (formerly EssayCrate) is a company that currently manages r/Essay_Writing_Service, which happens to be one of the most active Reddit essay writing services. The company exclusively features their own writers, trashes other essay writing services and actively promotes its own website (PaperTakers).

8. r/ThePaperBay

URL: | Status: Active | Subscribers: 1,2k

This subreddit is pretty active, given the small number of subscribers. ThePaperBay was intended as a place where students could ask for help with their essays, but now it is a home to spam and hundreds of writers' self-marketing posts. Still, this subreddit might be helpful if you need to find a writer ASAP.

Some Honorable Mentions:

  • Adam Huler. This guy was probably one of the first redditors to start promoting essay writing services on Reddit. Since Adam Huler is a member of Reddit's Seven-Year Club, he has a lot of positive reviews and a strong reputation.
  • AbrahamEssays. Even though most posts mentioning AbrahamEssays are self-promotional, this service seems to be trustworthy. The company tries to gain attention through self-promotion and they are attempting to grow multiple essay help subreddits. However, genuine customer reviews suggest that this service offers good value for money.
  • PrescottPapers. The company is no longer operational, but it used to be very active on Reddit back in the day (PrescottPapers used to operate a few essay help subreddits). They managed to build a strong brand image by posting fake reviews. For some reason, the company shut down all of their websites in September, 2018.

How to Choose a Reliable Reddit Essay Writing Service?

All things considered, there’s still one thing that might be bothering you… how to tell a reliable essay writing service from a bad one. It's easy to get lost among all the companies, subreddits and Reddit writers offering you stunning results for reasonable rates. Keep these tips in mind and your money will be safe.

Writers Must Be Native Speakers of English

First and foremost, always check if the writers are native speakers. Otherwise, you may end up having a paper with grammar and spelling mistakes. Needless to say, it would also be advisable to ask for samples of work to check the way they write. Usually, established companies only work with writers who have MA, MSc or PhD degrees, as this is how they can guarantee the desired results. Plus, it’s vital that a company assigns a writer specialized in a particular field you need help with. Same rule applies to individual writers on Reddit. It is crucial to know whether your writer is a native speaker of English or not, otherwise you will have to spend a lot of time editing the paper you paid for.

Prices Should Be Explicit

A good and legit writing service has nothing to hide, so you can easily find their rates and discounts. As a rule, there’s usually a free inquiry calculator where you can choose the details of your order and find out the potential price. Keep in mind that the more difficult the assignment, and the more rigid the deadline, the higher the price will be. What's more, companies with experience and a great reputation always offer discounts, coupons and promo codes to make papers even more affordable for their customers. The prices must be transparent – no hidden fees. If it comes to hiring a writer on Reddit, make sure to negotiate the price before they start writing an essay.

24/7 Support Team

Another tip is to opt for a service that offers round-the-clock customer support. Trustworthy essay writing companies provide convenient ways to reach them: online chat, phone, email. Most reliable companies have live chat widgets installed on their websites, offering you a quick option to reach customer support and have your questions answered.

Students’ Reviews

No one buys anything these days without checking reviews first, and essay writing services aren’t an exception. Make sure you read reviews on the website itself or look for feedback on verified review platforms. Be careful with companies that have a suspiciously flawless reputation as the reviews might be fake. Keep in mind that every company, no matter how good it is, will always have some negative reviews.

Considerable Experience

Finally, always check the company's WHOIS data to determine its domain registration date and how long the company has been running the business. It takes time to learn from mistakes, polish all processes and build a positive reputation online, don't you agree? Older companies usually have a larger team of writers and offer better services than their younger competitors.

Frankly speaking, it can often be challenging to find a good product or reliable service online. They all try to assure you they're offering a superior service at the best price. It would therefore be a good idea to either ask your friends what services they have used or try certain popular ones yourself. This is the only way you can find out if an essay writing service can solve your problem and whether you’ll be eager to come back for more.

As for essay writing service subreddits, the situation is pretty much the same, mostly due to the fact that Reddit's voting system can be manipulated for someone's benefit. For this reason, you often don’t know if you can truly rely on a community.

But don't worry, we’ve already done all the work for you. These were the best essay writing services Reddit has to offer. However, if you didn't find the one you like, you can always do your own research, and apply the tips we shared to find a company you can truly trust.

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  • Hiring a freelance writer on reddit is not the smartest idea. A freelancer may lie about their qualification or simply disappear after getting a prepayment. I had a negative experience with a freelancer that I found via r/PaperMarket, and I strongly discourage others from working with such people.

    • I tend to agree. It’s much safer to hire a professional writer on, say, PaperHelp or SpeedyPaper. In such case you will be protected by a money back guarantee and you can get your money back if anything goes wrong. If you’re dealing with a freelancer you found on Reddit, there is no guarantee that they won’t just take your money and disappear.

    • Anyone can say they are a professional writer. If you are looking at freelancers make sure to ask for references and a resume. If you are looking at an essay writing service, they usually do all that for you.

  • Reddit clearly has no effective strategy to identify and ban spammers. Just take a look at these threads, it’s crazy how many spam comments are there!

    Someone is trying really hard to promote (which redirects to and create the fake impression of a popular service around it. I checked and it turned out that powerwritings has lots of copies under different domain names:,, Looks shady AF to me!

  • Not sure if /r/DoMyHomework is still alive. Looks like this sub was abandoned by mods, the last post was a year ago…

    • Yea, you’re right. I don’t know what happened to it, but posting is restricted and sub has no recent activity. Mods themselves were active years ago. The sub is completely dead.